Vitargan oil blend for under eye/nail cuticles

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Skin type-All

▪️Ingredients-Argan oil, almond oil, Vit E oil, rose oil etc


This serum is a miraculous combination of selected high quality carrier essential oils that aids in all round improvement of skin, specially those around the eyes. Massaging of this elixir will boost blood circulation and help in reducing fine lines, crow’s feet, dull dry skin and may lighten dark circles.
▪️Directions for use-

📌After you are done with your regular CTM routine,take a pea-size amount on your ring finger and slowly massage your eye area in clockwise and anti clockwise motion for a minute.

📌It is advisable not to use mobile, tv or laptop after applying the serum as the harmful light creates stress on the eyes. Mildly massage your eyes and doze off.

📌For best results use twice a day. If not possible then using it before bedtime is a must.

DISCLAIMER–*patch test is a must
**discontinue if skin irritates
***rinse immediately if it enters eyes

3 reviews for Vitargan oil blend for under eye/nail cuticles

  1. Chandrani Das

    Nowadays everyone is busy with phones, sleeping late at nights and due to this our eyes are not getting proper care. We are getting dark circles, pufffy eyes.
    This oil I am using for 1year. I got rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. Used only at bedtime.
    But still I get beautiful results.
    We must use this product and take care of our eyes. Its also good to try out this product so that you can try and inform whether miss maedelin has created good eye product or not.
    I am really satisfied and thanks to Miss maededin for taking care of our sensitive body parts.

  2. Shemonti+Rakshit

    Excellent eye care products.
    Even Excellent for eye brows growth.
    Highly recommend products.
    With proper packaging, so that your tired eye can gets rest.
    Pricing pocket friendly

  3. Smita Majumder

    “Amazing product”.😍
    I am so so excited to use this one ..😊
    This under eye serum is really soothing and reduced puffiness. After applying this, in the morning I feel there’s no puffiness and eye area is well hydrated.❤️
    I recommend this 100% 👍
    Love this product packaging, travel friendly.
    I’m loving it ❤️

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