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Oily hair (hair fall/dandruff)

5in 1 shampoo

Enriched with herbal extracts and 5 types of oils for naturally soft and voluminous hair. This shampoo deals with all kinds of hair issues and leaves your hair smooth.

5in 1 conditioner

This conditioner leaves your hair smooth & soft. Detangling hair has never been so easy. For a healthy nourished hair use our condition use this conditioner along with 5 in 1 shampoo.

Bloom hair booster for hair fall

*The water-soluble tonic is suitable for all hair types.
*It helps to control hair fall.
*Regular use might make a difference in hair volume.
*Keep the scalp clean using Miss Maedelin Shampoo & conditioner.
*Eat good & stay stress-free for healthy hair.

Hair Fall Control and Regrowth

1) Redensyl® is a hair care ingredient that outperforms a hair transplant surgery in just 84 days, based on regenerative medicine research.
2) Baicapil™ is a blend of scutellaria baicalensis, soy and wheat sprouts that enhance hair growth, boost hair density & minimize hair loss.
3) Follicusan™ DP stimulates dermal papilla cells, revitalizes scalp and hair follicles, boosts hair density and thickness, reactivates hair growth cycle, and effectively combats premature hair loss.

4) Procapil™ addresses the causes of alopecia, such as reduced scalp micro-circulation, ageing of hair follicles, and follicle atrophy resulting from dihydrotestosterone.

Hair food

Incorporate the goodness of Ayurveda in your hair care regime. It consists of a perfect blend of natural ayurvedic powders like amla, shikakai, henna, bhringraj, etc to provide adequate nourishment and strength to the hair.

For dry hair ends use overnight mask

Full of the goodness of provitamin B5, wheat protein, sesame oil this masque leaves your hair smooth & soft, treat dry, damaged, chemically treated hair from roots. The presence of colloidal silver & yoghurt provides anti-bacterial properties to it.

OR Hair malai

Hair malai for hydrated, nourished & smooth hair. No more fall-outs & breakage due to dryness. To boost the goodness it contains neem oil for dandruff protection, butter for hydration & nutrition, coconut oil for healthy & silky hair. Egg and milk protein for complete strong & shiny manes.

People with chemically treated frizzy hair can use this to control the rough hair & split ends.



*The water-soluble tonic is suitable for all hair types
*It helps to control dandruff
*Keep the scalp clean using Miss Maedelin Shampoo & conditioner
*Eat well & stay stress-free for healthy hair.
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