Pink Venom Powder Face Cleanser (50 gm)

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Skin type – All

Refreshing and breathtaking radiant skin each day with pink venom powder facewash which contains the goodness of rose, red sandalwood and beetroot.

Rose: Soothes dry & irritated skin and has anti-ageing properties, also excellent for dry skin.
Red sandalwood: Anti-bacterial, heals skin, removes scars and pigmentation.
Beetroot: Anti-acne, removes wrinkles & dark spots and makes skin bright.

The direction of use:
1) Take about a teaspoon amount on your palms
2) Add a few drops of water.
2) Rub the mixture between your palms.
4) Give your face and neck a mild rub and rinse off.
5) Follow your regular skincare routine. Use once/twice a day.Storage:
Pour a small qty of product from the packet into an airtight container & refill as needed. Keep it away from contact with water & air


1) Patch test before use.
2) Wash off immediately if it enters the eyes.
3) The result may vary from person to person.

Key ingredients:
Powder of- Rose, Red Sandalwood, Beetroot etc.
Clay: French Pink etc.

Best to use before 6 months from MFD:

9 reviews for Pink Venom Powder Face Cleanser (50 gm)

  1. Shemonti+Rakshit

    First of all, all products from Miss Madeline are sensitive skin friendly and one product has multiple benefits.
    Pink venom powder cleaner, made for face cleaner, it has amazing power to remove tan, not only in face ,from body skin also.
    From me, 10 start should be given.
    Amazing creation by Sneha Bhattacharya ma’am.

  2. Sulagna Kar Bhowmik

    Pink venom is very effective as anti tan without drying your skin.

  3. Nabanita Saha

    Miss medelin the sound is like an international brand name. And yes I am using their product a long time. Now come to that Pink venom powder cleanser is really like a magical product onece again. The formulation is so rich and high. It helps to clear tan instantly and gives the clean and clear skin. And after wash u never ever feels no dry or harshness wheater your dry skin or any skin texture. It’s all skin type product. Amazing product and smells is so calm and soothing.
    Every one go for this. If any one suffer tan issues a long I suggested to you plz use that. U will b see the visible change from the very 1st day.. ❀❀🌼🌼

  4. Arundhati MUKHERJEE

    Its one of the best powder cleanser that i have used. It is best for sensitive skin, works as an tan remover from the 1st time and gives a glow to my skin without drying it. The change in the skin is visible from day 1. Should definitely give it a try guys….πŸ₯°πŸ€©

  5. Chandrani

    Pink venom is the best ever cleanser. It removes tan, safe on pimple and sensitive skin.
    Gives a instant glow and makes skin hydrated and doesn’t make skin dry..
    Love with this product. Should recommend everyone to try and see the outcome.❀️❣️

  6. Nabanita Saha

    Pink venom has many natural ingredient which helps to control skin damage and barrier. Natural properties is very helpful now a days.
    This powder cleanser works like magic. It helps to faded tan issues. Sensitive skin safe . It gives slowly and healthy skin.

  7. Shreyasi Chakraborty

    Have never been a fan of powder cleanser until I used this magical powder.
    This cleanser helps with removing dirt and tan without stripping off the skin and imparts a natural glow.
    Deserves a five star rating for sure πŸ‘

  8. swatisengupta96

    Excellent product….removes tan on daily basis…it is a must have for those who are exposed to excessive heat…

  9. swatisengupta96

    This is not only a cleanser…this works as a face pack also… works wonderfully on oily skin… removes tan like magic…

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