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Skin type – All

1. Better than your ex – Gold & Pearl gel

Miss Maedelin has created a facial regime that combines the benefits of gold and pearl to give you beautiful, youthful, and healthy skin. This carefully crafted three-step process can be performed in your home, leaving you with a spot-free complexion. With this regimen, you can harness the power of nature to achieve the flawless skin you’ve always desired.Ingredients:
Black pearl, gold, hyaluronic acid.
Direction to use:
1) Clean your face (don’t scrub).
2) Take a sufficient amount and massage your face.
3) Wash off the gel and follow post-massage skincare steps.
4) This is step no.1 for better than your ex facial regime.
1) Patch test before use.
2) Discontinue if skin irritates.
3) Results vary from person to person.
4) Color & texture might change over time.Storage:
Store in a cool place below 28 deg. C, away from contact with water.

2. Better than your ex serum (AHA,BHA,PHA)


This exfoliating serum removes dead skin cells for a glowing complexion, with 100% transformation. However, it’s important for those with sensitive skin to take precautions. Before use, do a patch test and apply ice as needed. Regular sunscreen use is mandatory. Adjust usage based on skin response, and avoid physical exfoliation with chemical exfoliants. Use the full kit for desired results, and keep your skin hydrated at all times. Listen to your skin and stay safe with skincare.
The direction of use:
1) Massage your face with gel and wash off
2) Apply this P.M. serum all over the face and neck
3) Followed by overnight gel mask.

4) Use sunscreen regularly.

1) For starters use once a week, then increase to twice a week.

2) patch test before use. 3) Stop using if the skin irritates.
Key ingredients:
Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid (and) Dextrin (and) Polydextrose (and) Amylopectin (and) Niacinamide, Polyhydroxy acids etc.NET CONTENT(ml): 15

3. Better than your ex – Gold overnight gel mask

This illuminating gel mask enhances skin luminosity while defending against damage and fine lines. It also improves elasticity and shields your skin from the harmful effects of pollution, which can lead to dullness and other skin issues.

The direction of use:

  1. Massage your face with gel and wash off, then apply the serum.
  2. Cover your face with a thick layer of this gel and sleep.
  3. Can be applied twice/thrice a week.

Store in a cool place below 28 deg. C, away from contact with water.

1) Patch test before use 2) Results may vary from person to person.

Key ingredients:
Aqua, polyglutamic acid, Hyaluronic acid, Black pearl, Gold etc.


Best to use before 10 months from MFD:


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